About Us

Hello! My name is Shirley Hein, and I am the proud owner of Luvshire's Maltese. All of my Maltese dogs are part of my family and spoiled rotten!  My  Maltese live in their own little family room, complete with separate pillows and dog beds for each dog. The family rooms has an attached doggy door that leads out to a wood deck with the most beautiful views of the Lake. The Maltese spend their summers sunning themselves on my deck or running in the grass and being treated to belly rubs and sweet kisses!

My Maltese are groomed each week and brushed regularly. Their overall health and well being is of the utmost importance with me. In my opinion, a warm, happy & loved Maltese will produce the most affectionate and healthy puppies for you! I strive to create a loving and stress free environment so that the dogs are always happy and healthy.

My Maltese are part of  a home based breeding program that strives for quality, health and loving temperament. All of our Maltese puppies are born right here in my home! My Maltese dams have a separate whelping and nursing area that is quiet and peaceful for the birth and raising of their puppies.

It is recommended that  Maltese puppies stay with their dam for 12 weeks before going to their new homes and I follow that recommendation!   My veterinarian administers each puppy  the vaccination and worming medications. Healthy puppies are very important to me, which is why I have my Vet give each and every one of my Maltese puppies the certificate of good health BEFORE it goes home to you! All of my Maltese pups stay with their dam for a full 12 weeks. Occasionally the tiny or t-cup puppies will have to wait a little longer until an established safe weight before being ready to go to their new homes.

I do ship puppies at an additional charge. Please be advised that certain temperatures are not conducive to shipping new puppies. Prospective owners should be patient and may have to wait for safer temperature conditions before their Maltese puppy will safely ship.

Luvshire's always advises researching the Maltese breed and new puppy ownership. There is a lot to know with regards to owning a toy breed dog, in particular the Maltese puppy. Please educate yourself with regards to house-training, crate training, verbal training and health issues,  such as hypoglycemia in your new puppy. I always recommend using Nutri-Cal paste at home for the first week or two until the adjustment phase of new puppy ownership is over.

I follow Pennsylvania puppy laws. In Pennsylvania, the puppy laws apply to commercial and licensed kennels (in other words....PUPPY MILLS!!). I am NOT a commercial kennel, however, I do respect the laws and will guarantee my Maltese puppies to be free from genetic defects, infectious diseases and illnesses.  My guarantee does not cover ear infections or preventable illness such as hypoglycemia,or accidents, etc. New puppy owners MUST have their new puppy checked with their licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours from purchase date and provide written Veterinarian explanation should any problem occur.

Thank you for visiting my Maltese website! Please feel free to email me anytime for information or questions!

My beautiful Granddaughter snuggling with a puppy!

These are all of my Maltese babies snuggling together. Each dog has their own bed but they insist on sticking together like one big happy family!

Shirley with Bob Barker, who is an Animal Rights activist, Vegetarian and founder of the DJ&T Foundation, which funds millions of dollars to spay/neuter programs. An all around Great Guy!

My Home Sweet Home that I share with all of my Maltese babies!

The view of the lake from my home!

Here is the safe fenced in yard that my Maltese enjoy playing in! The Maltese babies love rolling in the grass, exercising and barking at the birds!

My fenced deck allows the dogs safe access through a doggy door for potty breaks whenever they need it!

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