Maltese Dams

Our Champion Dam - Starlett

Now retired and living the life of luxury as my pet!


CH. Koterie's Starlett O'Hara     "STARLETT" 

Sire: CH. Heart's Aces and Eights

Dam: Heart's Hint O' Summershine

Cherub Dyno-Mite Princess      "MALLORY"

Sire: Gumwood's Risque Dino-Mite

Dam: Cherub's Faerie Princess

Luvshire's Little Barbie Girl                     "BARBIE"

Sire: King's Prince Charming

Dam: King's Diamond In The Rough






Luvshire's Starlett O'Hara

Sire:  CH. Magnolia's Magic Moment

Dam: CH. Koterie's Starlett O'Hara

Cherub's Sassafras of Luvshire's         "SASSY"

Sire:  Quicksilver's  The Cisco Kid

Dam: Cherub's Lady Luck


Luvshire's Little Pachey              "PACHEY "

Sire: Cherub's Maverick Shortstuff

Dam: Cherub's Sassafras of Luvshires


Bliss with a new haircut!

Cherub's Dino-Mite Little Dream       "BLISS"

Sire: Gumwood's Risque Dino-Mite

Dam: CH. She's My California Dream

Luvshire's Little Moonbeam          "TEEKIE" 

Sire: CH. Magnolia's Magic Moment

Dam: Dot's Fine Wine Sherry     (daughter of Oliver)

Milani Ain't She A Dream                   "MILANI"

Sire: CH. Lyndale's Royal Casino

Dam: Miss B's Island Lace


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